Since May 2023, the production and sales of YS company have increased significantly

From May 2023, the products of YS company continue to be popular, and are favored by domestic and foreign customers. Orders poured in YS company like snowflakes, and the order volume in May exceeded the plan by 3 times. Monthly sales in June, July and August will exceed 6 million RMB.

The reasons for the rapid growth of YS’s production and sales in May are as follows:

Fist of all, after the epidemic control was lifted this year, the demand in the auto parts market has surged, especially the demand for diesel vehicle injection system products has grown strongly. The main products of YS, fuel injectors and injector parts, are in short supply.  China’s auto parts industry develops in an all-round way.

Second, In order to improve product quality, YS company focus on product quality in 2023. After the quality inspection personnel pass the training, they will go to work, and each process will be strictly controlled to prevent an unqualified product from being transferred to the next process.

Third, diesel injectors and injector parts, as the main products of YS, will be tested on the test bench before storage and delivery, to ensure that each product is qualified.

Fourth, YS’s traditional products, such as nozzle and holder, injector spacer, injector spring, injector nozzle, and repair kits are constantly updated to ensure that the products meet market demand.

Fifth, YS’S superior products, common rail injectors, common rail control valves, common rail nozzles, common rail solenoid valves and metering valves, continuously improve the process, improve precision, and reduce costs. On the premise of ensuring the best product quality, we provide Best price for customers.

In April this year, YS company purchased several sets of high-precision CNC production equipment and testing equipment, which greatly strengthened the production capacity, so that the products can meet the needs of the market and customers in terms of precision and quantity.

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Post time: Jun-15-2023