Diesel twin-cylinder fuel injection pump assembly BF2K75Z01 for Deutz diesel engine

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YS double-cylinder fuel injection pump, the pump body adopts high-pressure casting, compared with the traditional technology, the flange sleeve part installed on the pump body is eliminated, the delivery valve seat directly installed on the pump body, using integrated parts to avoid wear by fuel leakage caused by long-term operation, and the number of parts is reduced, the cost of labor installation is reduced, and the failure rate is reduced.

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single-cylinder fuel pump

Fuel injection pump is an important part of automobile diesel engine. The fuel injection pump assembly is usually a whole composed of fuel injection pump, governor and other components installed together. The role of the diesel fuel pump is to suck the fuel out of the fuel tank, pressurize it and deliver it to the fuel supply pipe, and then cooperate with the fuel pressure regulator to establish a certain fuel pressure to ensure continuous fuel supply to the fuel injector nozzle. Each cylinder of the diesel engine is equipped with a high-pressure fuel pump, and each fuel pump is dedicated to supplying fuel to the nozzle of one cylinder. In this system, the engine has several cylinders, there are several high-pressure fuel pumps. YS produces more than 100 types of fuel injection pumps and has been awarded two patents.


1. Fuel is supplied according to the working order of the diesel engine, and the fuel supply to each cylinder is uniform.
2. The fuel supply advance angle of each cylinder is the same.
3. The fuel supply duration of each cylinder is equal.
4. The establishment of fuel pressure and the stop of fuel supply are rapid, preventing the occurrence of dripping.

single-cylinder fuel pump1


More than 100 kinds of YS diesel engine fuel pumps are used in various diesel vehicles and heavy machinery equipment. Such as: Steyr, Cummins, agricultural machinery, excavators, Deutz engines, etc.

single-cylinder fuel pump2


OE NO: BF2K75Z01
Stamp Mark BF2K75Z01
Matching for diesel engine Deutz F2L511/W
Matching plunger XZ75K63
Matching delivery valve FZ5KA
Package includes 1 Pump

Single-cylinder Fuel Pump

Type Matching components Size(mm) Delivery valve shelt thread  Matching engine
Plunger Valve
BF1A60Z01 XZ6A12 FZ5AB φ45*82.8 M12*1.5 R175 R180
BF1A70Z01 XZ7A12 FZ5AB φ45*82.8 M12*1.5 185(Quanchai Rugao)
BF1A80Z01 XZ8A12 FZ5A φ45*82.8 M12*1.25 X195(Taichai)
BF1A80Z02 XZ8A12 FZ5A φ45*82.8 M12*1.25 X195(Laidong)
BF1A75Z01 XZ75A12 FZ5AB φ45*82.8 M12*1.5 EM190(chuannei) 190(Changfa Changlin)
BF1I80Z01 XZ8I45 FZ5I φ45*82.8 M12*1.5 S195
BF1I85Z01 XZ85I45 FZ5I φ45*82.8 M12*1.5 S1100(Rugao Shifeng)
BF1K75Z01 XZ75K63 FZ5Ka φ36*82.8 M12*1.5 F1L511/W
BF1K80Y01 XY8K12 FZ5-155 φ38*82.8 M12*1.5 MWM-195
BF1AK85Z01 XZ85AK62 FZ6-173 φ45*82.8 M12*1.25 ZS1100 ZS1105
BF1AK90Z01 XZ9AK62 FZ6-173 φ45*84.35 M12*1.5 1105 1110
BFG1KD70Z01 XZ7KD63 FZ5KD φ34*76 M12*1.5 SQ186(changchai)
BF1A60Z02 XZ6050 FZ5AA φ45*82.8 M12*1.25 160 165F
BF1060Z03 XZ6A12A FZ5AB φ34*62 M12*1.25 170F 165F
BF1A70Z03 XZ7A12B FZ5AB φ45*82.8 M12*1.5 190(Shunde)
BF1A75Z03A XZ75A12 FZ5A φ45*82.8 M12*1.5 190(Linshu Jiangdong Changfa Changgong)
BF1060Z04 XZ6A12B FZ5AC φ34*62 M12*1.25 175F(Binhu)
BF1AD95Z01 XZ95AK62 FZ6-173 φ45*84.35 M12*1.5 1115(Changfa Jiangdong Shifeng Laidong AMEC)
BF1AD105Z01 XZ105AD20 FZ6A φ45*88 M12*1.25 SD1125(Changchai Changfa Taichai)
BF1AD110Z01 XZ11AD74 FZ6AD φ48*114.5 M14*1.5 JD300(Jiangdong)
BF1A70Z01D XZ7A12 FZ5AB φ45*82.8 M12*1.5 R185(Chuannei Changfa Changgong)
BF2K80Y01 XY8K12 FZ5-155 φ56*82.8 M12*1.5 ZE295F
BF2K75Z01 XZ75K63 FZ5KA φ54*82.8 M12*1.5 F2L511/W(Shichai)
BF1A60Z02 XZ6A13 FZ6AB φ45*82.9 M12*1.6 R175 R181
BF1A70Z02 XZ7A13 FZ6AB φ45*82.9 M12*1.6 186(Quanchai Rugao)
BF1A80Z02 XZ8A13 FZ6A φ45*82.9 M12*1.26 X196(Taichai)
BF1A80Z03 XZ8A13 FZ6A φ45*82.9 M12*1.26 X196(Laidong)
BF1A75Z02 XZ75A13 FZ6AB φ45*82.9 M12*1.6 EM190(chuannei) 191(Changfa Changlin)
BF1I80Z02 XZ8I46 FZ6I φ45*82.9 M12*1.6 S196
BF1I85Z02 XZ85I46 FZ6I φ45*82.9 M12*1.6 S1101(Rugao Shifeng)
BF1K75Z02 XZ75K64 FZ6Ka φ36*82.9 M12*1.6 F1L512/W
BF1K80Y02 XY8K13 FZ5-156 φ38*82.9 M12*1.6 MWM-196
BF1AK85Z02 XZ85AK63 FZ6-174 φ45*82.9 M12*1.26 ZS1100 ZS1106
BF1AK90Z02 XZ9AK63 FZ6-174 φ45*84.36 M12*1.6 1106 1110
BFG1KD70Z02 XZ7KD64 FZ6KD φ34*77 M12*1.6 SQ187(changchai)
BF1A60Z03 XZ6051 FZ6AA φ45*82.9 M12*1.26 161 165F
BF1060Z04 XZ6A13A FZ6AB φ34*63 M12*1.26 170F 166F
BF1A70Z04 XZ7A13B FZ6AB φ45*82.9 M12*1.6 191(Shunde)
BF1A75Z04A XZ75A13 FZ6A φ45*82.9 M12*1.6 191(Linshu Jiangdong Changfa Changgong)
BF1060Z05 XZ6A13B FZ6AC φ34*63 M12*1.26 176F(Binhu)
BF1AD95Z02 XZ95AK63 FZ6-174 φ45*84.36 M12*1.6 1116(Changfa Jiangdong Shifeng Laidong AMEC)
BF1AD105Z02 XZ105AD21 FZ7A φ45*89 M12*1.26 SD1126(Changchai Changfa Taichai)
BF1AD110Z02 XZ11AD75 FZ7AD φ48*114.6 M14*1.6 JD301(Jiangdong)
BF1A70Z02D XZ7A13 FZ6AB φ45*82.9 M12*1.6 R186(Chuannei Changfa Changgong)
BF2K80Y02 XY8K13 FZ5-156 φ56*82.9 M12*1.6 ZE296F
BF2K75Z02 XZ75K64 FZ6KA φ54*82.9 M12*1.6 F2L512/W(Shichai)

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